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Coachability is an in-depth, comprehensive, & proven 7-step mentorship program for individuals, small groups, or teams. The 7-steps are: 1) Discovery, 2) Begin with the End in Mind, 3) You Can Have What You Say, 4) Risk Management, 5) Raise Your Standards, 6) Be The Leader You Wish You Had, & 7) Everything Can Be Better. Each step includes counseling, in-depth goal setting, character development, creating personal presence, improving communication skills, discovering divine gifts & purpose, developing standards, modifying behavior, bettering time-management, creating routines, overcoming fear, persevering through adversity, learning how to focus, practicing visualization, creating declarations, dealing with pressure, creating & protecting culture, developing leadership skills, & learning how to reflect/evaluate.


We strive to create a safe, comfortable environment where people can go to be heard & understood, & to have someone to talk with. We believe that life is so much better together, & we also believe there is power in vulnerability; the only way to receive the help you need is to have the courage to ask for it.


We are passionate about helping Organizations & Teams create championship cultures, & develop excellent leaders. We believe everything rises & falls on leadership, & that the only way to grow as a team, business, or organization is to create a culture that demands growth & focuses on the process. Together, we will work to foster that culture. Through our proven leadership principles & processes, we help your organization, or team raise standards, improve communication, build trust, create buy-in & commitment, promote teamwork, & deliver sustainable, positive results. All consulting can be done off-site.


Riley Tincher is a highly-sought after speaker. His charismatic, engaging talks have influenced & impacted several leaders, coaches, & teams in sports, business, healthcare, education, & churches. Riley speaks on a variety of topics: leadership, legacy, identification, purpose, perseverance, culture, sales, & service. Each speech is customized to meet the needs of the audience.

To schedule Riley to speak to your organization/team, or at your next event, please contact his office at (918) 701-3785 or via email at

Truth - Integrity - Passion - Perseverance - Strength